Albyn Leah Hall

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“There are lives in trouble here, and Albyn Leah Hall writes about them with a sure and steady hand. Her prose is fluid and beautiful, and her people are real.

Hers is a talent that bears watching.’
-Larry Brown

Claudia lives for the winter, the din of darkening pubs, for touch songs, for Crilly. Fleeing the glitter of her native California, she finds her own brand of hedonism in the underworld of Camden Town. Her world is not solely the drugs and characters that patrol it; it is the deep sensuality of her escape, oblivion. Together with her love, Claudia explores the outer regions of such oblivion, guiding her between strange homes and pubs, the back streets of London and Dublin and, eventually, home again, where she is forced to come to terms with the very self that she is evading.

Without moralizing, Deliria dissects the moral values of our times – it is a remarkable achievement.

In addition to fiction, Albyn has written a screenplay, The Rose of Tralee, currently in development. For more details, contact the Lynn Pleshette Agency

ALBYN HALL was born in New York and lives in London. This is her debut U.S. novel. 



A Novel
Albyn Hall